Gearing Up For The TorTour Cyclocross Stage Race

The first race of the season is approaching fast. Whereas my 2016 season began with the dust and roots of Denmark, at the H12 MTB Race; this year, I am looking at snow and sub-zero temperatures, to kick-start my action-packed calendar…

It is time for TorTour Cyclocross, Switzerland!

The TorTour CX Stage Race Format

The TorTour Cyclocross Race is a three day event, with stages from 23 to 80 kilometres in length.
  • Prologue: A 23 kilometre lapped circuit race, at the venue in …., Switzerland 
  • Stage 1: 80 kilometres, with 700 metres of climbing. Looping out into the scenic Swiss countryside. 
  • Stage 2: 74 kilometres, with 1260 metres of climbing. More trails, forest and snowy descents! 
With competitors signed up from 15 different countries, it is set to be an incredible event.

Kit Selection

Here's what I'm packing as riding kit; to deal with the challenging conditions likely to be found in Glattfelden, Zurich.

Helmet, Headwear and Eyewear
winter cycling headwear

Base Layers and Jackets
winter cycling jackets and base layers

The Best Winter Cycling Bib Tights

Gloves, Socks and Shoes
Gloves and Boots for Winter Cycling

Full Kit Layout

Winter Cyclocross Kit Layout
My full riding kit layout for the TorTour cyclocross race

Bike Preparation

There isn't a lot that I need to change on the Kona Private Jake, to get it ready for the challenging conditions that I'm likely to encounter in Switzerland.

However, I have made a few modifications...
  1. Lizard Skins DSP Handlebar Tape -  This is my favourite bar tape, by a long way. I decided to kit the Kona up with some rad Lizard Skins Camo DSP Tape for TorTour - for extra grip and comfort.
  2. Barfly Computer Mount - To ensure that my Wahoo ELEMNT (reviewed here) is held securely on the rough terrain, I've fitted one of the new Tate Labs Bar Fly 4.0 MTB Computer Mounts.
  3. Schwalbe X-One Bike CX Tyres - For added grip in the snow, I've fitted a set of Schwalbe X-One BITE tubeless tyres - they look beefy!
  4. Tate Labs Rain Fly Mudguards - The Tate Labs Rain Fly Rear Mudguard, and the Rain Fly Front Mudguard will provide some vital spray protection from snowy slush. 
Rain Fly Mudguards from Tate Labs Bar Fly

Extra grip from the Schwalbe X-One BITE tubeless tyres

A fresh new cockpit - using the new Bar Fly 4.0 MTB mount and Lizard Skins DSP Camo Bar Tape

The countdown begins...

There's not much more I can do to prepare now, except keep on riding the cyclocross bike.

This event should be a great start to the season, and you can follow the event live online throughout the whole three days. I will of course be on Instagram and Twitter throughout.

Let's get cross!


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