Top Winter Trail Running Kit

Winter means cross-training, and that means trail running. In this post, I've picked out a few of my kit highlights for this season...

CEP Wingtech Compression Tee

I admit, the phrase "sensorimotoric stimulation" had me lost. The principle behind the Wingtech tee from CEP Sports is quite simple though: the special cut and 'Smart Wingtech Stripes' send subliminal reminders to your brain, to help you maintain a better posture.

Everybody knows that good posture is important. Did you know that it also promotes muscle development though; further leading to better future posture. Effectively, this shirt promises to improve the way you run, and in doing so reduce the risk of injury, and optimise performance.

Does it work? Well, it certainly feels supportive.  The Wingtech Stripes have a notable effect on pulling your shoulders back, and pulling your core tighter. The result is that running in the CEP Wingtech tee gives you a noticeably more upright posture.

The fabric is nice to wear, too. I've mostly been testing this in colder conditions, so I've worn it as a base layer under a long sleeve running top. It wicks away moisture well, and leaves you feeling comfortable.

Overall, the CEP Sports Wingtech Compression Tee is a great bit of kit. Better posture, and great perspiration management; both factors that should lead to an increase in performance!

CEP Run Merino and Outdoor Light Merino Socks

When it comes to winter socks, merino wool remains the best. Merino's thinner yarns mean it is more breathable, and softer to touch than normal wool; yet, it retains the warmth and odour resistance of natural wool - the ideal combination for winter feet!

The Outdoor Light Merino Socks and CEP Run Merino Socks from CEP Sports are some of the best merino running socks I've used to date. Mainly, this is down to the fact that despite their rich stretchy merino content, they also have enough structure to be proper compression socks.

I used these for the Original Mountain Marathon, which involved hours of 'Bog Bashing' in Scotland. Incredibly comfortable.

Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX Trail Shoes

Finally, I have to recommend these shoes. The Salomon Speedcross 4 GTX shoes are fantastic for running and walking at this time of the year.

Waterproof, breathable and as grippy as hell, on almost any terrain. I have put in some serious miles in these now, and they continue to be my go-to footwear option for 'cross-training'.

Runderwear Merino Underwear

When I first discovered merino socks and base layers, I thought I had found true winter kit luxury. Then, I found merino underwear...

I reported on the superb seamless underwear from Runderwear (read the review) earlier this year. I continue to use the original products regularly; for everything for running, to just cycling in jeans (they avoid the uncomfortable chafing from seams in normal cotton boxers). This winter though, Runderwear released their merino wool line of products. Nice!

The merino Runderwear hasn't disappointed. Again I used them for the OMM, and they provided warmth and comfort for back-to-back days running in the Galloway mountains.


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