Review - Thule Atmos X4 iPhone 7 Case

Thule Atmos X4 iPhone Case for iPhone 7
Thule have become one of my favourite brands over the last few years of testing their kit. The Swedish company seems to consistently deliver high quality products, which last years of use and abuse; whether that be their rucksacks, laptop cases, or bike carriers.

In this post, I'm looking at their latest phone case: the Thule Atmos X4 for iPhone 7. This is a drop-proof, screen-protecting case, which provides a slim-line protective shield for your phone.

A few years ago, I reviewed the Thule Atmos X3 for iPhone 5, and it proved to be a great case for the three years that I used it for; protecting my phone from numerous drops and bumps. The Thule Atmos X4 is an upgrade on the X3, because as well as providing protection from drops and hits on the back of the phone, it also provides a protective screen shield on the front.

The Thule Atmos X4 was a doddle to fit. You simply pop the phone into the back section of the case, and then place on the screen protecting front half. Once fitted, the case has remained firmly intact, and has shown no sign of letting air or water creep in underneath the screen protector.

The iPhone 7 is more water-resistant than previous iPhone models, so I decided that rather than deal with the bulk of a fully waterproof case, the protection that the Atmos X4 provides would suffice. Indeed, that has proven to be true so far. The phone has survived several drops already, and I feel confident about just stashing it in a jersey pocket, without fear that the screen will scratch, or that moisture would be seeping into the internals.

The Atmos X4 feels great to hold, with its grip rubber side plates and reassuringly firm metal side buttons. The phone's cameras aren't obscured in any way either; although the case does lift them away from any surfaces you place the phone on, thereby reducing the risk of scratching the lens.

Overall, there is no doubt that this is another high quality design and product execution from Thule. The Atmos X4 provides slim, smart and simple protection for all aspects of your iPhone 7: protecting the cameras, screen, and back plate from drops and abrasions.

Best of all though, it comes in my favourite Flame Orange colour!

View the Thule Atmos X4 Case for iPhone 7 at (Link)

Thule Atmos X4 iPhone Case for iPhone 7

Thule Atmos X4 iPhone Case for iPhone 7 Review


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