#7Countries7Passes Day 1 - Bike Paths, Bridges and Bakeries

We rolled out from Tivoli Gardens, Copenhagen at 8am this morning. The sun glistened on the fjord, as the rush hour traffic filed into the city.

Skirting down bike paths, Peter (Marketing Manager at GripGrab) and I were soon out of the thrum of the city, and into the deserted countryside.

Flat roads were a welcome start for first day legs, and we enjoyed heading along the coast at a gentle pace.

Kilometres ticked by, and at the 55 mark we met up with Martin for a few more photos.

Then, after saying farewells and thanks for a fantastic weekend, we parted ways.

By lunchtime I had reached the town of Vordingborg, and treated myself to one last Danish pastry and coffee.

As I headed into the archipelago of islands that composes southern Denmark, the bridges and long straight roads grew in number.

Head down, fuelled by caffeine and sugar, I pushed on into the afternoon.

By 16:00 I had made the Rodbyhaven ferry, and boarded to leave Denmark in my wake. Good memories.

On arriving in Germany, I made the call to try and eat into my long day 2 quota, and managed to get 50km on the clock before setting up camp.

A good first day in the saddle.


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