#7Countries7Passes Day 3 - Detours and Delays

 Today's ride seemed to take a while to get underway. A delayed start, delays with some GPS problems, and then heavy legs.

Things didn't accelerate when I hit the hills, and headwind; and I had barely covered 85km by noon.

Then I decided after the kind offer of a bed for the night, from GripGrab's Marti, that I would divert to Fulda, from my planned route.

The Wahoo improvised route led me to believe this would be 175km, taking me to 245km for the day. That would have been doable. Unfortunately, the reality was a bit further...

The wahoo route took me on no end of gravel tracks; on the straightest possible line. My true route would be a lot further.

By 21:00 I still had 45km to go, and was on a busy main road. Marti came out to meet me, for the last 30km, and guided me onto safer roads into Fulda.

I was incredibly grateful for a warm meal and good bed.

New route to Villengen planned, the next two days will hopefully be faster.


  1. Out of interest; do you use a third party site/product for your routes on the Wahoo or do you just plumb in your destination in the morning on the device?

  2. Normally I use Strava routing and then send it to my device. Especially after this experience, I've discovered the routing on the Wahoo device itself is a little questionable


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