Review - Pinhead Locks Bicycle Security System

Review - Pinhead Locks Bicycle Security System
It is ironic that the lighter your bike gets, the heavier the locks are that you need to carry. As the value of your wheels, frame and components rises, you will need more cables and longer locks, to leave it securely unattended. That is, unless you employ a system of coded component locks, like those from Canadian brand Pinhead Locks.

The complete bicycle security system from Pinhead Locks allows you to secure your wheels, seat-post, headset and frame; without the need for copious lengths of cable or lengthy U-bolt locks.

Wheel locks

The wheels are secured through coded axle nuts. Whether you are running thru-axles, quick-releases or solid axles, Pinhead Locks provide an axle option to fit.

Fitting them is simple: you just insert the axles, then use the unique coded key to tighten them up. Reverse the procedure to remove them.

The chance of a prospective thief having a correctly coded key is a tiny possibility; so you can safely leave your wheels in your bike when you lock up the frame, without the need for a long cable to pass through them.

Review - Pinhead Locks Bicycle Security System

Review - Pinhead Locks Bicycle Security System

Seat-post and headset locks

The seat-post lock uses a similar concept to the axle locks; with a bolt accompanied by a coded locking nut. The seat-post collar is designed to fit all collar sizes - with shims to take down the collar diameter.

Finally, the headset lock allows you to secure your forks and stem to your frame, by locking the top cap of the headset in place with a coded bolt.

If you buy the complete bicycle security package, then the coded key for the axles, headset and seat-post can all be the same one. This is handy, as it means there is less to forget. Make sure you do remember to take the key with you though, because if you puncture without it, there is no chance you will get the wheel out to fix it.

Frame lock

Pinhead Locks also provide a super strong compact U-lock, for securing your frame. This should be the only lock you really need to carry, if you are using the complete bicycle security system.

Unfortunately, this wasn't available for testing at the time of publishing this review; however, with a Gold Standard rating, it is sure to be good.

I have been using the Hiplok Easy Carry DC Lock, as a good alternative.

The complete package

The quality of the kit from Pinhead Locks is impressive. The stainless steel hardware has so far endured several months of testing on my commute, with no sign of deterioration (the salt air on the ferry is a tough test of any metal quality). 

The concept behind the products is simple; but the ease of use and benefits are significant. 

Whether you are nipping down to the shop, or doing bike messenger trips across the city, it is great to only need to carry one small D-lock with you to secure your bike. The system puts you safe in the knowledge that your bicycle's components and wheels will still be there when you return.


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