Review - Ride Skincare Ride Protect and Ride Recover Balms

Looking after your skin is a task that is often overlooked by outdoor sports enthusiasts; that is, until it is often too late. There can be fewer excuses though, when the range of natural and organic skincare products from Ride Skincare provides a pleasant and easy way to protect yourself from the elements.

Ride Protect Suncream

Cycling tan lines are a feature that riders seem to embrace or endure. Personally, I am indifferent: I don't purposefully cultivate razor-sharp tattoo-like tan lines, but I accept that they are a feature of being a cyclist (I don't wear sleeveless jerseys to avoid them).

Cycling tan lines demonstrate the challenging conditions that we put our skin through when we ride.

The Ride Protect sun cream is an SPF25 cream, composed of natural ingredients. Coconut and jojoba oils provide moisturising properties, whilst candellilla wax provides water resistance. UVA and UVB resistance comes from titanium dioxide, which is kinder on the skin than many parabens used in mainstream brands.

The Ride Protect Sunscreen is not a greasy or sticky consistency, like many creams out there. Instead it feels more like a protective foundation, which creates a barrier-like layer and is gradually absorbed over time. This attribute makes it a lot more pleasant for cycling, when sweat and water can make greasy creams feel unpleasantly clingy.

I used the cream for a week of hot and humid riding in the Dolomites on my #5MaratonasChallenge, and it was far better than many sunscreens that I have used to date.

Ride Recover Moisturiser 

No matter how well you cover and protect your skin from the elements, there is still a need to help it to recover, to prevent long term damage. A good moisturiser is a great place to start.

The Ride Recover Moisturiser from Ride Skincare uses organic aloe vera and coconut oil to provide hydrating and moisturising properties. A hint of natural peppermint provides a refreshing scent.

I found the Ride Recover cream to be easily absorbed, and very pleasant to use. It helped to relieve skin tightness and dryness, experienced after tough weather conditions; whilst not feeling greasy or unpleasant in any way. The small 50ml bottle is also very handy for travel.


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