Review - Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet

Review - Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet
Some products are faultless. You use them every day, and every time you think about their great functionality they make you smile. The range of wallets and phone pouches from Australian brand Bellroy, fit firmly into that 'impeccable' category.

I use my Bellroy All-Conditions Phone Pocket Wallet every day. If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, you will have likely seen it placed in kit layouts, on café tables, and in jersey pockets. It is a fantastic little case, which is perfect for holding ride essentials, safely and securely.

The Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet is a new addition to my 'Every Ride Carry'. It holds many of the great attributes of the All-Conditions Phone Pocket, but in miniature size.

Small enough to clasp in your hand, the All-Conditions Wallet will hold your cash, cards, keys and coins, in a weather-resistant pouch.

The wallet is made from Bellroy's water resistant leather, and uses a YKK water resistant zip. It certainly provides enough protection from rain and perspiration in a jersey pocket, and I have even dropped it in a few puddles and the contents have remained dry.

The Bellroy wallets look great, and they function flawlessly over many years of use. You will certainly be seeing this neat little Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet alongside my All-Conditions Phone Pocket in many future kit features.

Review - Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet
The Bellroy All Conditions Wallet is ideal for coins, cash, cards and keys

Review - Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet
Big and small. Old and new. Perfect partners.


  1. I had the Bellroy All Conditions wallet in my cross-hairs as well, but eventually compared the placement of the YKK zipper with the Club Cycling Pouch (designed by Waterfield + Eleven Velo).

    While both are high quality and well designed products the zipper positioning and phone pocket design made me go for the Club Cycling Pouch.

    However this small Bellroy All-Conditions Wallet looks like a great addition to my cycling wallets and pouches. :)


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