Review - LedLenser MT10 Handheld Torch

The range of handheld and head torches from LedLenser are market-leading, in terms of quality, technology and performance. The MT10 handheld torch is one of their latest releases, aimed at the outdoor adventurer looking for a compact and powerful handheld torch.

It might seem odd that I am featuring a handheld torch on Life In The Saddle, given that it doesn't come with bike-light attachments. The reasoning is that with a little adapting, this could be a superb bike light or helmet light; equally, as it stands it is a great light to use for camping, touring and adventuring - all things that many cyclists enjoy.

Meet the M10

The M10 is the mid-range handheld torch in the LedLenser Outdoor line-up.

The unit has a 1,000 lumen max light output, which lasts for 6 hours. On the low power efficiency setting the light has an incredible 144 hours burn time.

Clever lighting technology

The beam on the LedLenser M10 has an adjustable focus; so you can pinpoint in on an area a long distance away (180 metres, to be exact), or you can go for a wider spread beam to illuminate an area close by.

The light has four modes: High, Medium, Low and Strobe. To be honest that is as many as you need, and it does away with the endless scrolling through light modes that often seems the case on torches and lights.

Real life testing

I have been testing the LedLenser M10 on evening walks and hikes, and it has been an absolute pleasure to use.

Pulled from its neat sheath, it is comfortable to hold in your hand, and easy to operate.

Build quality is superb, and the aluminium shell feels solid and robust. The torch is water-resistant to IPX4, too; so you can happily use it for damp outdoor scenarios.

The easily adjustable beam and simple operation are refreshing; it shouldn't be complicated to operate a torch.

Overall, this is a fantastic little unit. Ideal for camping, touring and adventuring; it could also be a great helmet light, with a suitable mount (I tested it with a USE Exposure one).

View the LedLenser range at

Long range focussed beam on the LedLenser MT10

Short range wide-spread beam on the MT10 handheld torch

The LedLenser MT10 comes with a smart pouch and lanyard attachment


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